Value-added Services

For many clients, our basic Compliance Services with their focus on recording and reporting historic performance on a reactive basis are perfectly adequate for their needs. Our services will ensure that the minimum amount of tax is paid based on what has happened.  Our guiding principle is that “You need to pay tax but there is no law that says you have to leave the taxman a tip”. 

However, our support can stretch far beyond the essential compliance or “Bean Counting” services. It is true that many SMEs do not need a full-time Finance Director or CFO.  Many cannot afford the cost of a full-time person.  Almost all can benefit from the depth of experience, practical financial and strategic skills and knowledge that an FD can bring to the business.  We aim to be your business partners, working with you to ensure the best possible chance of success – more akin to “Bean Growing” than “Bean Counting”.

Our Operational Support services are provided by experienced professionals who have held a range of FD or CFO positions in medium and large business – often in startup organisations that have grown into substantial businesses.  Whatever the issues your business faces they will almost certainly have had experience of it and have got through, round or over the wall.

We offer a range of services aimed at improving your Operation Performance by acting as your in-house Finance Director on a part time basis.  Our focus is to improve the profitability and cash generation capability of your business through commercial and proactive advice on what you should do now and in the future rather than simply reporting on what has happened in the past.

The key to these services is regular, timely and meaningful Management Information through a series of Key Performance Indicators and the preparation of Management Accounts.  There should always be some sort of budget or plan for the business to work to based on the owners’ objectives. We will also focus on improving internal controls, profit improvement through costing and customer profitability and improving your cash flow management.  The outcome will always be supported by positive and proactive advice.

Where the business is facing non-financial issues we can also introduce you to a associated companies that can assist with Talent Management (recruitment, training and retention of staff), IT infrastructure and systems, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Operations Management.

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